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Human activities may be damaging the health of our planet now more than at any time in history. As the threats of such problems as global warming become more alarming, scientists, governments, and industrial groups are increasing their efforts to respond. Do we as individuals have a responsibility to help care for the environment?

These four individuals from Majakaneng, Dobsonville, Newcastle and Soweto, definitely said ‘Yes’. In the throes of their former employer's financial reversal, four of his brave workers; the driver, the gardener, the housekeeper, and the caretaker, banded together to learn from his experience. All they asked was for their keep if he would share his knowledge base. What courage, what trust.

Knowing both their potential and acumen, their former employer upskilled his devoted former employees until all four of them could stand alone and MVBR Hlangene, a registered South African black-owned entity, was born. They are innovative and passionate about up-cycling and manufacturing opportunities from ‘waste/surplus’.

MVBR HLANGENE (PTY) LTD (MVBR) was established in 2017 by four up-skilled entrepreneurs from a small town called Majakaneng in the North West region of Gauteng.

MVBR supports and actively promotes government objectives to enhance the economic participation of Black South Africans in the economy. As we form strategic partnerships with handpicked companies that share and assist with transformation objectives, the development and sustainability of our clients and of our company is achieved.

We Are


Chief Executive Officer

Quote: "Be the change you want to see."



Quote: “Your future depends on what you do today.”



Quote: “The value in your business is your people.”



Quote: “Honesty and integrity is a non negotiable requirement of life.”

Collaborative ISO Certification/ Collaborative ISO Compliance

In collaboration with ELINT, MVBR tailor-makes the process for waste management every step of the way, which incorporates the international ISO standard, namely ISO 9001 for Quality, ISO 14001 for Environmental Management Systems and the new kid on the block; ISO 45001 for Health and Safety. ELINT’s cutting-edge compliance system is based on a holistic approach and implements and tracks compliance to any management system or standard ensuring compliance with ISO, HAZOP, NOSA, Corporate Governance, Public Company Regulations, Equator Principles, legislation, regulations and internal (SOP) Standard Operating Procedures and (WI) Work Instructions.

The MVBR Quest:

"SynchroCycling is the win-win that transforms revenue loss to revenue gain."