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What We Do

MVBR are proud to be equipped to safely execute tasks such as:


Our process of transforming by-products, waste materials, useless, or unwanted products into new materials or products of better quality or for better environmental and commercial value.


MVBR are industrial waste brokers who understand all the synchronisation involved in solving company waste issues. SynchroCycling references this unique approach. MVBR are fully aware of the magnitude of recycling in the interests of reducing environmental impact.

Salvage Yard Management

Our coordinated, hands-on site management approach towards maximum rebates through segregation, processing and accurate grading, distinguish MVBR's salvage yard management projects and contracts.

Project Management

Turnkey project management, is including but not limited to, surplus asset management, site decontamination and remediation.

Metal Processing

Metal processing is a highly profitable economic solution, whether from end-of-life structures, products, or to manufacturing from scrap. It provides raw material for new products and can be recycled repeatedly.


Commodity trading references end to end global and local trading of Ferrous Metals. Our in-house, professional staff ensure that your mills will be supplied, containers filled, and your cargo will reach its intended destination quickly and efficiently. Our reach literally spans the globe.


Our screening division incorporates much world leading equipment, being able to be assembled at our clients premises, and a specialist support team that practice, assemble and are best suited for the managing and supply of screens for screening, equipment enabling scalping, sizing and de-watering for mining, quarries, recycling, agriculture and more.


It is the MVBR focus on minimising downtime that underpins our operations; whether it is plant cleaning, sweeping or spill response, we can respond to emergencies rapidly. Experienced supervisors and advanced cleaning methodologies leaves us well-placed to accommodate complex industrial cleaning needs.


MVBR is a pioneer in skills development through upliftment and skill transfer initiatives to previously disadvantaged individuals.
Our valued employees are provided with opportunities to learn from and receive training by managers and/or supervisors who have experience in the field and who are passionate about skill transfer and development. Skills are mastered in a hands-on training environment, to produce multi-skilled individuals.