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Our Projects


A joint enterprise development program, whereby MVBR handle, transport, and trade all scrap metal and recyclable waste material from the automotive industry throughout South Africa.


Holistic on-site salvage yard management which includes, material identification, scrap processing, rigging and radioactive decontamination.

Power Utility

MVBR, together with local communities, upskill people in processing, grading, and documentation of redundant ferrous and non-ferrous material for leading power utilities countrywide. Resource intelligence acquired from years of operation and training benefit the community and customers alike.


From an established site in KZN, MVBR pioneer the mechanical screening and magnetic separation of iron waste material. This, together with the product development team, has created a highly sort-after raw material for foundries.


Automotive Industry

Sheet metal off-cuts are collected from the automotive industry at various sites and transported to the MVBR site in KZN. The scrap metal and recyclable waste material collected in turn works toward employment sustainability and stability.


MVBR’s KZN premises is a centre where recyclable surplus is sorted and cut to size and fabricated into finished products on-site. Surplus materials are transported to steel fabricators in various locations around the country. Employee skills are continuously transferred through the various initiatives embraced by MVBR.

Steel Fabrication

The ongoing manufacture of lockers, stationery cupboards, security gates, burglar bars, steel doors and more from raw materials. Standalone, ready-to-use and designed specifically, MVBR will meet the needs of the metalwork fabrication industry.

Automotive and Mining Industries

MVBR has a multi-stream supply of waste and scrap metal from the automotive industry, e.g. 409/410 stainless steel off-cuts and pig iron ingots, flats and chips from the mining industry which are processed and smelted at key foundries in South Africa.


MVBR deals with the smelting masters of significant foundries in KZN and Gauteng, converting raw material into usable and innovative products for upselling. Analysis equipment facilitates bench-top grade accuracy and precision, for melt shop products.


MVBR understands the importance of reusing, repurposing, and up-cycling. Surplus materials from the mining industry, formerly consigned to landfills, is now recycled into everyday implements required for life in South Africa.

Ongoing Projects

Enterprise Development

MVBR together with the local skilled community manage the entire salvage yards of key players in the industry countrywide. This process works toward employee development, upskilling them to manage their own salvage enterprise as they understand the processes, the grading and the mulit-faceted aspects required to achieve logistics and documentation of both ferrous and non-ferrous material.

The Mining Sector

Due to the labour-intensive nature of SynchroCycling, MVBR focuses on upskilling so that workers understand and can efficiently operate high-end equipment, in processing and analysing chemical composition of usable waste materials. Product development teams work in conjunction with human resources from the local communities training and implementation to produce quality products.