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Outsmart Surplus via SynchroCycling


100% Black Owned | 25% Black Women Owned.

MVBR Hlangene innovate via SynchroCycling

SynchroCycling describes the surplus innovation MVBR brokers via a multi-faceted industry matrix. With attention to training, experience, and service offering. Partnering with leading International based Asset Management and Asset Disposal Companies on key projects and initiatives in Southern Africa, MVBR achieve the win-win model by sourcing sustainable options where none thought were possible.

As experienced brokers for whom no problem is too big or too small, MVBR seek economic and social upliftment by up-skilling employees and communities alike in the drive to go as 'green' as we can. Never far from our minds is our responsibility to reverse the ruin we have brought to our planet.

Welcome to the world of SynchroCyling with MVBR.

Industry Customer Categories

  • Foundry
  • Steelmaking
  • Metalworks - aluminium, alloys, copper, nickel, titanium...
  • Welding industry
  • Biomaterials
  • Renewable energy

MVBR Quality Standard

When it comes to the processing of alloys and minerals for the steel and foundry sectors, MVBR understands the relationship, composition, and thermomechanical history of engineering materials. Ascertaining the properties and behaviour in different service conditions is accomplished in cooperation with accredited laboratories, providing residual life assessment and recycling evaluation.

Passionate SynchroCyclers

SynchroCycling describes MBVR’s role as brokers in the recycling, up-cycling, and reuse industry. We pride ourselves in being flexible to respond effectively to evolving market needs. Our strong suit lies in synchronizing multiple solutions across the board. Our goal is to design outcomes in such a way that waste material is utilized rather than being sent to landfill sites.


Refers to application and solutions found in which waste continues to serve a useful purpose in the plant or the wider economy. By-products in this category include combustible waste-heap, shale, slurries, recycled elements, and products recovered from industrial processes.


MVBR inspires all relevant persons to unite in common goals and outcomes. The directors and employees strive to inspire others to embrace skills transfer and black empowerment by showcasing professional operations and project modus operandi.


The most sophisticated in the recycling family. Not all waste can be regenerated, but where it is possible,it alleviates a colossal load off our environmental footprint.


As the last of the four avenues that come under the SynchroCycling umbrella, recycling is by no means the least. MVBR’s recycling innovation simultaneously generates a revenue stream for you wherever possible.

In Style

The MVBR SynchroCycling Solution for a case of surplus steel crates, perfectly illustrates the repurposing and up-cycling of wastage.

Here's how.

Scenario: the automotive industry receives vehicle parts in sturdy, high quality steel crates; these crates become excess surplus as no further use is made of them.

Enter the MVBR team: noticing this endless repetitive scenario, MVBR set about a SynchroCycling project to recover and reuse the crates effectively. Transporting them to their KZN premises, the steel crates are dismantled and repurposed into sturdy, steel security gates, doors, and burglar bars.

Solution: the client is relieved of their surplus and the quality steel becomes a whole new product and the SychroCycling protocol completes a full circle.


To provide customers with exceptional service and sustainable solutions. To provide our employees with job fulfillment enrichment via extraordinary challenges to significantly enhance their careers. To deliver superior returns for our clients through consistent performance. To demonstrate dedication to presenting clients with the widest range of options and choices, all backed up by our commitment to deliver.



MVBR strives to deliver services with the utmost care to customers and clients, taking individual needs and requirements into consideration. Cultivating symbiotic relationships in this industry result in beneficial outcomes for all.


MVBR inspires all relevant persons to unite in common goals and outcomes. The directors and employees strive to inspire others to embrace skills transfer and black empowerment by showcasing professional operations and project modus operandi.


MVBR understands evolving industry needs and how synchronicity drives a broader range of solutions in areas often overlooked or neglected. SynchroCycling was coined to describe the ability to manage multiple and varied tasks.


MVBR services are delivered promptly and professionally in the best possible way while building the community through skills transfer and upliftment initiatives.